Tommy COSMO and BOBO


Tommy Cosmo, singer, song writer and guitarist has been performing since 1974. From the streets of New Haven, to the mountains of Colorado and in the California Sun, Tommy has performed his vast/multi-decade array of songs. If you want, he can make you laugh, cry, sing along or he can just lay back and enhance your experience. When Tommy Cosmo plays you will walk away with a smile. If you are looking for well rounded singer Tommy @ 443.756.0954 or email:


Cosmo & Bobo: 

You know who Tommy is!!! (If you don't, you forgot to read the first paragraph) 


Bobo Lavorgna, Bassist, Singer and a very funny guy has kept a very low profile ever since that time in sixth grade (We will not talk about that now)! He has, however, played Bass for some well known regional acts such as The Modeans, Ebin-Rose Trio, Jake & The family Jewels, Stormin’ Norman and Suzy, Blake Street Gut Band, 1917 Jazz Band, Swing ‘39, Robert Silverman, Michael Cappezone, Tony Mason, and the list goes on, and on and on. His musical ability and stage presence has captured audiences across the nation.


Cosmo & Bobo have been performing together since 1977. Top billing or opening for acts such as NRBQ, Aztec Two Step and Ritchie Havens. They have captivated audiences for years. Their stage presence and multi-decade array of songs have kept them in the lead and always coming back.